Beauty Without Secrets

face cream_beauty without secrets_skincare_women owned_non-toxic

You all know I love to give shout outs to fellow female entrepreneurs.  If you haven't tried OY-L Skincare and Body Products yet, you must!

OY-L was created by Andrea Pierce-Naymon and their tagline is "Beauty Without Secrets".  I have been using these products for several years now and have some staples that I can't live without.

I like a heavy moisturizer for my face, especially when the seasons are changing and that thermostat gets bumped up.  Oy-l's Face Cream, pictured above, is full of antioxidants and is so emollient. 

skincare_eye_serum_oil_undereye_owned by women

This eye serum has an amethyst roller ball that delivers the serum to your eye area.

Face wash_cleanser_skincare_non-toxic_OY-L

OY-L's face wash leaves your skin feeling moisturized with its Manuka honey and various seed oils.

Body_cream_moisturizer_emollient_skincare_non-toxic_women owned

My favorite scent is Litsea Basil but I have tried several different ones and they are all delicious!


Like my face moisturizer, I like a heavy balm or gloss for my lips.  I have had Vanilla Latte and Lemon Mint in the jar but they recently released the tubes with the wand applicator.  I just received the Vanilla Latte and I love it!


Visit OY-L to learn more about Andrea and why she started this company.