Caronacation Projects

I'm not going to lie.  This quarantine has allowed me to do some really fun projects I might not have made time for otherwise.  This knitted scarf is one of them.
In my latest newsletter, I included a picture (see below) of a serape that I brought back from Mexico.  It has provided endless inspiration and I have created my own version in this cotton tasseled scarf.
I brought back several of these serapes and sold them all.  Sadly I did not keep one for myself and I am unable to order any more at the moment.  
This is another source of inspiration, I still have a few left, Mesones Scarf.
These are more pictures of the scarf I knitted, you can wear it with the point in front or back.  It is a simple design, a triangle, with tassels at each corner.  The closure is a loop that you pull one of the tassels through.  It is not heavy but has enough weight to it that might not be for everyone so I created a neckerchief version.
While this version is smaller, it still makes a statement.  It measures 11" long plus 6.5" for the tassel so 17.5" at its longest part.  This one is 19" wide from point to point.
This one is up on the website for sale, Meredith Hand Knitted Neckerchief Scarf.  I will be making more and should have the yarn in Indigo soon so stay tuned.