Do you have a Jordan Jacket?

The Jordan Jacket is one of our staple items.  It comes in a light weight cotton for the warmer temps and a heavier version for the cooler temps.  


We love this jacket because you can wear it so many ways.  These images are of the lightweight cotton version.  Pair it with your favorite blue jeans and white denim too.



Wear it over one of our Long Slip Dresses or as a robe over your favorite nightgown.


This is the heavier weight worn over jersey pants and our Demi Tank Top.


Wear it like a kimono with some of your own flowy pants.

The Jordan Jacket is made by a company called Honest Cotton, owned by this lovely lady, Angela.  Her clothing is ethically made by women earning a fair wage in Mexico and also Thailand.


Angela has followed in her mother's footsteps with her clothing business.  Her mother is from Puerto Vallarta where she currently lives and designs her own clothing line which is also where some of the artisans live who make pieces for Honest Cotton.
I have to share a picture of Angela's mother because I can't get enough of her personal style.


Try one of these Jordan Jackets for yourself and you will see why it is a staple in our wardrobes.