How It's Made

Do you ever look at some of the pieces in your closet or your jewelry box and think, "I wonder how they made that?"  As a maker myself, it is all I think about so I always have to ask.


So I asked Kate Ward, the designer behind Orijinal cuffs and other accessories, how she makes the fabulous cuffs we all swoon over.
Like most of us fellow makers, her workshop is located in a room, or rooms, in her home.  Her kitchen and garage to be exact.

I came across this pic on Kate's Instagram feed.  I had to post it because this sewing machine she uses looks a lot like the one I taught myself to sew on back in the '80s... and it still works.  She said it could sew through metal.  

A picture of the designer taking a much-deserved break.

One of my favorite things about these beautiful cuffs beside their beauty is the fact that the kilims Kate uses for her designs are decades old but often damaged, stained or worn by time. "Repurposing these textiles allows us to upcycle items that would otherwise be devalued based on their condition instead of adored for their inherent beauty."

I have been collecting her pieces for a few years now.

Orijinal is now comprised of two seamstresses and a part-time marketing and sales rep., plus Kate who does a little of it all.

I will end with a quote from one of her posts.  "Every time you make a purchase from a small business owner, there is a maker somewhere doing a happy dance."

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