Jackson Hole Vacation 2021

The first time I visited Jackson Hole Wyoming was in 1990 while my college boyfriend was working there for the summer.  The second time was in 2000 with my then fiancé, now husband.  We were visiting his mother who lives in close by Wilson, Wyoming,  and we have been returning there since then.

Some summers we see a lot of wildlife and some summers we aren't so lucky.  This summer the moose were out in full force.   


 This cow and her baby surprised us one morning when we were headed out for a hike.


My favorite thing to do when I am in Wyoming is ride my bike.  You can hop on the paths and go all over Wilson, into Jackson and all the way to the airport if you like.  Lucky for me I wasn't on my usual stretch of path this day when we saw this juvenile male moose.

Speaking of bike rides, it doesn't feel like exercise when this is your backdrop.  Not to mention it is 10 to 20 degrees cooler than Atlanta right now.





Deer walk right through the front yard.


We haven't gone into Yellowstone since 2000 so we made it a priority this trip.  I am obsessed with Bison and Yellowstone is a sure thing when you want to see some.  Enjoy these next photos and videos.