New York Market Trip

I just got back from New York on a buying trip with my girlfriend Paige.  We did a little of everything: buy things for our businesses of course but we also were able to fit in a show, eat some really yummy food and a hit two museums.
This was one of the most interesting vendors at the show.  All of this jewelry is made from bomb shrapnel from landmines in Laos.  Money from the sales goes to removing landmines that are still in place there.  There were bangles like the ones Paige has on in the picture above with actual diamonds, black diamonds and other gemstones.  Beautiful pieces look them up: article22
My next favorite thing I purchased and am still waiting on are these caftans because I love a caftan for my chicken happy hours!
They are made in Turkey and out the same material as the Turkish towels they make.  Beautiful colors and details.  Stay tuned I will have them on the site as soon as I receive them.
My other favorite was the linen Tunics and dresses I purchased!  They are so comfortable and the linen is such a good quality that it travels well and doesn't wrinkle like the linen we used to wear.
Go purchase a piece or two while you are on my site.  Oh yeah, and feel free to wear it after labor day, this is a year round material.
That was a long day!!
The next day I went to the "Heavenly Bodies" Exhibit at The Met.
Jean Paul Gaultier
Dior - John Galiano
Alexander McQueen
Givenchy - Alexander McQueen
Dior - John Galiano
A closer look
Christian LaCroix
Gianni Versace
Gianni Versace
All of the jewelry surrounding the clothing exhibit blew me away because it all  felt like things that I would love to make and wear today.
Naturally I have more pics but I won't bore you with all of them.
Then of course there was Iris!!
We got her book and had her sign it.
Photo Op!
You never know where you are going to end up when you are with Paige.  Next thing I knew we were in the Chelsea Market visiting one of her regular stops.  We got premier treatment and ended up in the basement where the new shipment had not even been un packed.
Moroccan Poufs, Pillows and Shoes!
I got the ones on the right! 
When you are in Birmingham, AL you have to visit Paige Albright Orientals because she has way more than rugs!
It was a successful trip and I am still waiting on some of the items to arrive so stay tuned for more!!