KMM Collective featured by one of our neighborhood businesses

You guys hear me talk about my neighborhood all the time and that is because of the people.  I have such and eclectic group of supportive and loving friends in my neighborhood and they have been behind me all the way through this journey.

Amy Caldwell is a realtor and a friend of mine.  She asked if I was interested in sitting down for this video and, of course, I was excited to do it!

Take a peek by clicking on the link below and come visit me in my neighborhood of Leafmore Hills in Decatur, GA.  


You can visit Oak Grove Market, where we buy all of our steaks and other pre-made meals as well as wine and just go to say hey to all of our friends who work and shop there. Then you can walk next door to Queenie's Consignment and meet all of my soul sisters as well as find your self some fabulous vintage and current couture pieces and luxury leather goods.  You can get some fabulous new and old vinyl Ella Guru Record Shop.  You will have to return so you can grab lunch at Taqueria El Vecino, watch some football and have a beer at The Grove Restaurant and Bar and last but not least, have a date night dinner at Kindred.  You are always welcome here