What is the Evil Eye all about?

Evil eye_clutch handbag_handmade_handwoven_tassel_pom-pom_made in columbia_Wayuu_brown_red_black_tan_white

Evil Eye Clutch - Brown and Red

Historically, the evil eye was a talisman or an amulet used to protect one from evil.  Many cultures believed that if someone gave you the evil eye when you weren't looking, it would cause misfortune.  Wearing the talisman would, in theory, reflect the evil on to the evildoer.

If these handbags provide any protection from evil, that would just be a bonus.  I purchase these bags from a company owned by a woman who works closely with female artisans in Columbia and Mexico.  This weaving style has been passed down for generations from mother to daughter.  Let's hope the craft is preserved for generations to come. 

Evil Eye_clutch handbag_close up_detail_handmade_handwoven_made by women_tassel_pom-pom_red_black_white_tan

They almost look like a rug the way the yarns are tufted.

Evil eye_clutch handbag_made by women_handmade_handwoven_female artisans_tassel_pom-pom_tan_green_Purple_white_yellow_multicolor

The color combinations are limitless and each bag is one of a kind.  The Evil Eye Clutch adds a global flair to any outfit and makes a great conversation piece too.

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