1970s fashion trends that are still relevant today

What's old is new.  Check out these trends from the 70s that translate beautifully to today's wardrobe.

1.  Smockingprincess_Anne_smocked_dress

Photo from Getty Images

Princess Anne looks beautiful in this colorful, floral , smocked dress.


 The Dorothy Smock Top is an easy way to add that smocked look to your existing wardrobe.

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2.  Bohemian Dresses


Flowy, floral, printed dresses never go out of style, they are practical and usually very comfortable.


Our Lucinda Maxi Dress is no exception.  Lucinda can take you to a wedding, cocktail party, dinner and even to the office depending on your choice of shoes and accessories.  Lucinda fits true to size and travels very well in the suitcase.

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3. Gold Bangle Bracelets


Bangle goals!!  I think I will try to recreate this stack for myself.


Try these brass bangles, they look great together, alone or stacked with other bracelets.  They are available in three sizes.

Brass Bangle 1"

Brass Bangle 1/2"

Brass Bangle 1/4"


Our Cobra bracelets also make a good arm candy stack.

Cobra Twist Bracelet

Cobra Bangle Bracelet - Large

Cobra Bangle Bracelet - X-Large

4.  Crochet


These crocheted dresses might be a little much but we have just the thing for you.


Evelyn is a button up dress with a tiny tie at the waist.  You can dress her up or down and she is comfortable enough to wear all day and into the night.  The crochet design is printed onto the dress.

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5.  Scarves


I will always be a scarf girl, I like them tied closely around my neck just like the picture above.


I also love to wear them layered just like Yves.


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Remember, no rules, just chic!