Kristin Meredith Mayfield is a naturally gifted artist who has a deep passion for sharing art and
creativity through cultural experiences by retailing handmade, fashion items she has collected from
around the world. When she was 10 years old, she taught herself to sew and wore clothes that she
made herself. Her innate talent of combining textures, patterns, and colors always prompted the
question, “Where did you get that?”

For over fifteen years, Kristin has utilized her creative skills in the architecture and design industry
through marketing, advertising, event planning, and managing public relations. Driven by her love of
travel and inspired by artisans from around the world, Kristin created KMM Collective as a way for
her to share her passion and respect for art through fashion, collecting unique pieces that can be worn
as every-day attire. Bringing back treasures from Central and South America, each
piece has it’s own unique personality but can be paired with another and blend beautifully into one.

KMM Collective inspires a lifestyle built around Kristin’s core-values that honor handmade crafts, fair-
trade, environmental sustainability, and empowering individual artisans within all different cultures.
Her hope is that people can connect to their own inspiration and creativity through the pieces that she
brings back and support the environment and individual artisans while doing it.

Kristin lives in Decatur, Georgia with her husband, Duncan, two cats, Turtle and Piña, and seven hens.
In between her adventures around the world, she enjoys spending time connecting with nature