When I was 10, I taught myself to sew and I have been designing and sewing my own clothes since. 

For me, garment construction is fascinating: to take pattern pieces, of various shapes and sizes, and sew them together, creating an actual garment you can wear, has to be the most fulfilling task.

I have also been buying and collecting pieces that inspire me and bring me joy.  Traveling to Central and South America over the past 15 or so years has allowed me to meet artisans and see their process.  Watching someone take a cotton boll, spin it into yarn, dye that yarn with natural pigments like mushrooms and onion skins, then weave the yarn on a loom to produce something beautiful, unique, and wearable.  

KMM Collective began out of a love for textiles, like block printed fabrics, sewing my own garments, and for travel and buying handmade goods with the intention to share with others.  While COVID-19 interrupted the travel part, I still managed to source clothing and accessories made by female artisans in places like Turkey, Guatemala, Bali, and Thailand.  Now I design my own collections made by artisans in India and Peru.