Today's Stream of Consciousness: Naming Clothing and Colors

Most of the time, when new pieces arrive, they are often labeled simply with numbers: Style 12345, Color 01. I can't present beautiful clothing to you wonderful people like that, so I struggle with naming the pieces and colors. Recently, while sifting through fabric swatches to select colors for the new pieces being produced in Peru, I decided on a green swatch for the Sofia Wrap Skirt and the name "Loden" kept coming to mind.
Do you remember eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new J. Crew catalog in the late '80s and '90s? I am currently reading a book called Kingdom of Prep: The Rise and (Near) Fall of J. Crew and the current chapter I am reading talks about the brand's iconic color names such as Cedar, Ochre, Copen Blue, and Loden. I remember the color of the cable knit sweater I had from J. Crew, an olive green color, being named Loden, and now I think Cedar would be a better fit for the deep green forest color of the Sofia Wrap Skirt.
I have a deep love for Mexico, Central and South America, and I often name my pieces with female Spanish names or traditional southern female names. Sometimes, a sorority sister's name will pop into my mind and inspire a new necklace name.

This book is a great read and it is bringing back so many memories.