What Inspires Me: Travel

When my husband and I travel we like to rent a house within the community of the natives. We also like to stay for at least two weeks. It is s fascinating to see how other cultures live day to day and we usually make some friends.


This photo was taken in Antigua, Guatemala, our second trip, and this was the barista in the tiny coffee shop where we went every morning.  We were so sad to leave the people we had interacted with so frequently while we were there and I think that was the first time we questioned if we could actually live in Guatemala one day.

Because of COVID, our travel was halted. I had plans to return to Antigua to meet with an artisan who was going to make some specific garments for me. I began this business selling clothing and accessories I found on my travels.  Needless to say, and like so many others in this world, I had to pivot.

Thank goodness I was able to source goods sustainably made and made by women, in different countries. Small batch goods that are made to order to cut down on the waste. 

I was also able to buy accessories and clothing from other entrepreneurs who already had established relationships with specific artisans.

After two years of no travel outside of the country, we are headed to Morocco this month.  I can't wait to share the journey with you so be sure to follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

I have also been going through old travel photos reminiscing about the people, architecture, shopping and food. Here are a few images that still tug at my heart.


This photo was taken at the market in Chichicastenango in Guatemala.

La Parroquia in San Miguel.

A band playing at one of the haciendas where we stayed in Ecuador.



 A weaver using a backstrap loom.

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