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The brightly colored bandanas might get your attention but if you look closer the colorful, leather and woven slide is the scene steeler. These small but impactful pieces are brought to us by Arloom, who also provides us with the snap bandanas.
These bandana slides are made by a co-op that Arloom has worked with for quite some time. Women in the Highlands of Guatemala weave these colorful fabric pieces, so long that they wrap them around their heads many times. The textile is then incorporated with the leather into a cigar band shape accessory that brightens any outfit.
These women are able to work from home, earn a living and be with their families.
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You can wear them in many different ways too!
I have even seen moms put the bandanas on younger girls as headbands like this picture above but with the bandana slide on the top of their head, and it is precious!!