Christmas 2015 in Guatemala: Part 1

Christmas in Guatemala is pretty magical.  One reason is the temperature: you leave Atlanta's cold wet climate and land in a place where it hits maybe 80 degrees and rarely rains that time of year.
Another reason is that everything is green and blooming.
Like everything else in Central and South America, Poinsettia grows to the size of a shrub.  In fact, they line the parks and in some cases have grown into trees.
When you go to Antigua, Guatemala, you have to spend at least a few nights at Finca Filadelfia,  an old, still functioning coffee plantation. 
Excellent food, a great bar, a pool, and beautiful rooms and like everywhere else in Antigua, you are surrounded by volcanos.  This is our view from our room at Finca Filadelfia.

We went to Chichicastenango one day which is a small town known for its market.  I fell in love with the colors and textiles of Guatemala.  I couldn't get enough of their embroidered tapestries and woven fabrics.  

Me shopping for textiles

One of the many tapestries I have bought at Chi Chi

Hand embroidered tapestry from Chichicastenango, Guatemala made by local artisans

Chickens are frequently seen in the textiles and art of Central and South America because they symbolize fertility and prosperity.


The church within the market where vendors sell flowers and other things


Typical mother-child scene in Guatemala.  I had this image framed and it is hanging in my den.

Stay tuned for Part 2....