Lake Atitlan, Santiago, Guatemala

When you go to Guatemala, Lake Atitlan is a must see.
You can drive to a town called Panajachel and take a boat to any of the little villages around the lake. We stayed in Santiago twice at the same place, Posado de Santiago.
The boats are very basic and it is quite a bumpy ride across the lake.
You arrive on the dock and walk past a small swimming pool up to this pavilion with a thatched roof.
You can have lunch here, sit and read any time of the day, gaze at the lake and have afternoon and evening cocktails here. It is rustic and quite magical.
This is our casita. A tiny house with a modest bedroom and bath. It is chilly at night so we like to sleep with the windows open and light a fire in the fireplace. There are different sizes of casitas depending on the size of your group. This one was perfect for just the two of us.
Bougainvillea, birds of paradise and hibiscus are just a few of the flowering plants surrounding the property.
One of my favorite views of the lake from the pavilion complete with fisherman.
Public transportation.
Homemade tortillas around the clock. 
I hope you are able to visit some day, feel free to ask me any questions.