Shopping in San Miguel

Mixta_textiles_shop_retail_boutique_san miguel_mexico_textiles_clothing_organic_natural_earthy
This photo pretty much sums up the feel of the shops in San Miguel.  Natural, lightweight, handwoven materials both in clothing and home interiors.
There are goods made by artisans from Oaxaca, Leon, Mexico City, and many other towns.  Oaxaca is known for its textile production, Leon for leather and sterling silver jewelry is made by artists all over. 
I noticed the increase in quality and price of goods back in 2016 and it has continued.  There are new shops, some that have remained and sadly, those that didn't make it. 
This shop Mixta, was open when I was there four years ago.  They sell handmade goods from artisans in and around San Miguel as well as the students attending the art school, Instituto Allende.
Mixta_textiles_clothing_handmade_interior furnishings_pillows_caftans_hats_photography_bohemian_global_style
Mixta_textiles_handmade_mexico_san miguel_clothing_accessories_interiors_natural fibers_draping_global_bohemian
Mixta_san miguel_mexico_shop_boutique_clothing_handmade_handwoven_local_artisans_
I love how they drape the mannequins, allowing the garments and textiles to sell themselves.  There were some pretty strict "no photos" rules so I snuck in as many as possible.  
Mixta is housed in an old hacienda that is beautifully preserved.
Mixta_tile_terrazo_san miguel_mexico_clothing_boutique_shop_handmade_local_artisans
Tile floors throughout
Mixta_courtyard_san miguel_mexico_shop_boutique_clothing_textiles_handmade
A beautiful courtyard with a fountain
Lighting_Mercado Collective_lighting_tassels_macrame_shopping_san miguel_mexico_boutique_handmade
I am sure you saw this picture I posted on Instagram while I was there.  This is the entryway to a courtyard restaurant and a shop called Mercado Collective.  This was a tiny shop but full of handmade pottery, jewelry, clothing and a lot of unusual macrame and woven home accessories.  There is also a clothing designer featured in the store which I don't see on the website.  Very Avant-garde.
Mercado Collective_boutique_shop_clothing_pottery_handmade_san miguel_mexico_artisans
Simple organic window dressings.
Roma Quince_textiles_clothing_accessories_jewelry_handmade_pottery_san miguel_mexico
Roma Quince is filled with beautiful vegetable-dyed cotton caftans in dark moody colors and in another room, handmade fiber jewelry.
necklace_roma quince_san miguel_mexico_clothing_accessories_jewelry_boutique_handmade_local artisans
earrings_fiber_jewelry_design_Roma Quince_clothing_accessories_boutique_handmade_artisans_san miguel_mexico
pottery_handmade_local_artisans_Roma Quince_boutique_san miguel_mexico
There is a lot of black clay pottery, crosses and "Day of the Dead" figurines too.
black_clay_pottery_ceramics_handmade_roma quince_Mexico_san miguel_
There is a lot of paper mache being used there right now,I also bought this beautiful paper mache ornament.
ornament_roma quince_san miguel_mexico_handmade_artisans_boutique
paper mache_lighting_boutique_san miguel_mexico_handmade
silver_paper mache_leaves_feathers_lighting_chandelier_handmade_local_artisans
Even this chandelier with paper mache feather/leaf-like pendants.
Quince_restaurant_rooftop_san miguel_mexico_
One of the best restaurants in San Miguel is Quince with its rooftop bar/terrace.  As you walk in there is bamboo hanging overhead through the foyer and once you reach the terrace, you are greeted by one of the best views in town of the Parroquia.
La Parroquia_church_san miguel_mexico_architecture_view_rooftop
fiber_art_ceramic_clay_wall hanging_Rosewood Hotel_san Miguel_mexico
Rosewood Hotel_wall hanging_art_ceramic_clay_fiber_san miguel_mexico
You have to have a sunset drink and/or dinner at the Rosewood Hotel.  There is some interesting art installed right now on the Terrace level. At first glance, I thought this piece was all yarn loops but when I took a closer look I realized it is made mostly of clay rings.
Los Baules_handmade_textiles_wraps_ponchos_scarves_caftans
caftans_Los Baules_san miguel_mexico_textiles_handmade_Oaxaca_handwoven_ponchos_
I learned a long time ago that if it is hanging high on the wall that means it is old/vintage and is really expensive.
Los Baules_textiles_handmade_handwoven_Oaxaca_artisans_ponchos_caftans_wraps_scarves
I could have spent a fortune in this shop but I used restraint and left with an oversized wrap to add to my collection.
shop_window_garland_san miguel_mexico_
A few of the other attractive windows and facades
Eclectica_boutique_home furnishings_san miguel_mexico_shop
There is so much more to share but I don't want to take up too much of your time.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me and I can give you a LOT of recommendations.