Walking the Streets of San Miguel

Walking the streets of San Miguel, you never know what you will see.  While you have to be careful on the cobblestone streets, don't forget to look up.  Niches with saints are all around above doors on private homes as well as the shops.
aldama_san Miguel_mexico_cobblestone _streetscape
Aldama is said to be the most beautiful and most photographed street in San Miguel.
streetscape_color_homes_cobblestone_streets_architecture_san miguel de allende_mexico
niche_saint_san miguel de allende_mexico_architecture
saint_cross_architecture_san miguel de allende_mexico_niche
cross_niche_tile_architecture_san miguel_mexico
saint_architecture_churches_san miguel_mexico
adobe_pink_hacienda_gate_stone_architecture_san miguel_mexico
While there are larger haciendas off the beaten path, most of the private homes in town have much smaller footprints.
hacienda_san miguel_mexico_architecture_greenery_wooden_windows
hacienda_gold_green_yello_stucco_color_wooden_door_san miguel_mexico
Most homes are very well maintained with fresh paint and high-end materials like custom doors or iron gates.  I think those with a little patina are beautiful too.
yellow_stucco_window_oval_blue_doors_hacienda_architecture_san miguel_mexico
patina_rust_bllue_doors_stucco_orange_architecture_hacienda_san miguel_mexico
casa carolina_hacienda_architecture_facade_color_san miguel_mexico
A lot of these haciendas are privately owned by people who don't live in San Miguel full time so they rent them when they aren't there.  Homeowners tend to name their haciendas, like the one above.  Several years ago we stayed in Casa Carolina which is owned by a family from South Carolina, hence the name. 
casa_cross_cruces_hacienda_architecture_san miguel_mexico
This hacienda is named Casa de las Cruces and there are crosses in each window as well as to the right of the front door.
Carved_wood_door_detail_san miguel_mexico_architecture
There are so many old carved wooden doors.  While this one is in town on one of the banks or public buildings, some of the residential doors can be quite elaborate.
carved_doors_wood_old_architecture_san miguel_mexico
carved_wood_door_hacienda_architecture_casa_san miguel_mexico_pink_stucco
Next door could be an entryway as simple as the one below.
wood_door_architecture_hacienda_casa_san miguel_mexico
I am particularly drawn to door hardware and San Miguel has some of the best.
door_knocker_hardware_iron_details_san miguel_mexico
You will see a simple doorknocker like this one above and then something as ornate as the peacocks below.
peacock_doorknocker_door_san miguel_mexico
And a lot in between...
iron_doorknocker_san miguel_mexico_doors_architecture
iron_doorknocker_door_san miguel_mexico_architecture
but my favorites are the hands.
hand_iron_brass_doorknocker_san miguel_mexico_door_architecture
light_lantern_exterior_san miguel_mexico_design
Be sure not to miss the exterior lighting.  There are some beautiful lanterns that light the doorways of some of the homes.
iron_lighting_san miguel_mexico_lantern
lantern_light_iron_lighting_san miguel_mexico
lantern_glass_iron_lighting_san miguel_mexico
The next post will be all about shopping and eating so stay tuned.