The Handmade Textiles of Veronica Genta

red_wrap_handwoven_made by women_mexico_san miguel_weaving_

I stumbled across this female weaver at the organic market in San Miguel.  I fell in love with the simplicity of the weave and her modern design for the traditional wrap.

Veronica makes her designs with lightweight cotton yarns as well as heavy wools.  I was drawn to these cotton wraps because I live in the southeast and will get much more wear out of them.  They can be worn in several different ways.  Her business partner was there at the market with her, he speaks English and she does not, and he showed me all of the different ways you can wear these wraps.

Above, the wrap is worn back to front with the tassel at the neckline.  It is available for purchase on my website.

pink_wrap_handwoven_made by women_handmade_made in Mexico_san miguel_

woven_wrap_tassel_fuscia_handwoven_made by women_versatile_natural fibers

fuscia_wrap_handwoven_handmade_versatile_mexico_san miguel_made by women

handwoven_fuscia_wrap_made by women_mexico_san miguel_natural fibers_

handwoven_textiles_wraps_natural fibers_cotton_handmade_women_Mexico_san miguel_grey

Grey and white with a touch of green, the wrap is shown here worn in a typical way with one side thrown over the shoulder. This one is also available on my website.

Take a look at the video of Veronica weaving, her process looks so simple but I know it can't be as easy as it looks.  For the wraps, Veronica weaves three triangle-shaped sections of woven material then pieces them together.
I would love to know what you think about them, shoot me an email.