Ex-Hacienda de San Gabriel de Barrera

ex-hacienda_san gabriel de barrera_gardens_stucco_stone_yellow_mustard_
This is the Ex-Hacienda de San Gabriel de Barrera.  Located about 30 minutes outside of the main town of San Miguel de Allende, it was built in the 1600s by Captain Barrera, the silver mining tycoon who came over from Spain.  
Captain Barrera employed Mayan Indians to help him build this fortress which was hidden under a canopy of trees.  This was intentional as Barrera did not want anyone to know it was there.  When Barrera learned about the Mexican Independence he killed all of the Mayan workers so they couldn't tell anyone about his home.  His plan was well thought out because no one discovered the hacienda after Barrera fled back to Spain.  When the government discovered the property in the late 1930s, early 1940s, they found everything intact including the altar in the private chapel which was made of 40% gold.  The property was cleaned up and then used to entertain influential people.  Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip stayed at the Hacienda when they attended a festival in Mexico.  A pool was installed and the bathrooms were remodeled and made operable with running water to accommodate the royals.
There is very little information available about this Hacienda besides what tour guides tell you.  We came across a coffee table book about it several years back in the book store of the Diego Rivera Home/Museum.  We did not buy it because we planned on ordering it from Amazon.  We were unable to find it anywhere and were unable to get back to Guanajuato to purchase it.
ex-hacienda_san gabriel de barrera_gardens_stucco_stone_yellow_mustard_vines_courtyard_loggia_balcony
This courtyard is where you enter the home.
ex-hacienda_san gabriel de barrera_gardens_stucco_stone_yellow_mustard_interior_crucifix_living
ex-hacienda_san gabriel de barrera_gardens_stucco_stone_yellow_mustard_lighting_chandelier
I love this chandelier.
ex-hacienda_san gabriel de barrera_gardens_stucco_stone_yellow_mustard_family crest_shield_motif
ex-hacienda_san gabriel de barrera_gardens_stucco_stone_yellow_mustard_handpainted_bedroom_door surround_doors
Hand-painted details on the walls
ex-hacienda_san gabriel de barrera_chapel_gold_altar
The personal chapel of the hacienda.
view_gardens_ex-hacienda_san gabriel de barrera_cypress_trees
ex-hacienda_san gabriel de barrera_walkway_cactus_tile roof
ex-hacienda_san gabriel de barreracactus_stucco_tile roof_yellow_mustard
Cacti growing out of the roof tiles.
ex-hacienda_san gabriel de barrera_yellow_stucco_topiary_saint_gardens_exterior
ex-hacienda_san gabriel de barrera_gardens_pavilion_steps_stone
This is a view of one of the pavilions. This hacienda is a destination for private events including weddings and photoshoots.
ex-hacienda_san gabriel de barrera_gardens_steps_pavilion_stone
Beautiful stone details
ex-hacienda_san gabriel de barrera_espalier_stone wall_rubber tree_gardens
ex-hacienda_san gabriel de barrera_gardens_fountain_cross_stone_walkway_path
ex-hacienda_san gabriel de barrera_gardens_saint_archway
ex-hacienda_san gabriel de barrera_gardens_fuschia_plants
My first time to see Fuschia in person
ex-hacienda_san gabriel de barrera_gardens_monstera_climbing_
The Monstera plants are enormous here and in Guatemala.
ex-hacienda_san gabriel de barrera_gardens_vines_flora
If anyone out there has anything to contribute to this post I welcome you to do so.  I will forever be on the search for that book so keep your fingers crossed.