Summers in Wyoming



Momma moose with her twins
I just returned from two weeks in Wyoming where the temperatures were much lower, humidity non-existent and the flora and fauna abundant.  My mother-in-law lives up on a hill right outside of Jackson where there is little to no traffic.  Moose wander up and spend a good 24 to 48 hours eating and resting as close as 100-200 feet from her front porch, typically a mother moose with at least one baby in tow.  No moose this year up on the hill but plenty of mule deer including a sighting of one mommy with two babies who still had their spots.  
My sister-in-law rents the same house in the valley each year where you never know what you will see.  This year a momma moose and her two calves were hanging around a good bit but my most exciting sighting ever was three years ago.
An entire herd, maybe multiple herds, of antelope made their way through the backyard at dawn, slowly, grazing, drinking from the pond.  The early bird gets the worm.  I used to wake up naturally at 5 am and happened to go get a sparkling water from the fridge in the garage.  When I turned around I was awestruck. I watched these elk as they moved through the back yard for at least an hour.  The male would bugle when it was time for one group to move on and they would.
I could go on but I think I will just share my favorite pictures for now. 



My favorite place to ride my bike, Fish Creek Road.  Rolling water sounds, wildflowers, horses, barns, Ospreys.

Phelps Lake, clear as a bell.

I didn't even manipulate this photo at all, this was the actual shot.

A tree-lined path from one of our hikes. 

In my happy place.

 Nature's own sculptures.

This reminds me of something you would see in Andy Goldsworthy's books.

Sage Grouse

Hay bales are ubiquitous.

I didn't get my buffalo fix this year but here is a favorite from a few years ago taken at Antelope Flats.

I always see some flowers I haven't seen before.  There were tiny little blooms that looked like they could be a member of the orchid family.

I also saw my first bear on this trip, interesting and scary but we did have bear spray and kept a good distance.

Hope you enjoy these beautiful pics, I can look at them over and over.